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Fb messenger you are calling busyWhy does the phone number im calling go automatically to busy when i call it? WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, isn’t just popular for texting or voice calling. But Messenger has more than a billion users-and unlike SMS it presents as an updated and fully featured alternative to legacy messaging. Facebook has rolled out new security and privacy feature for its dedicated mobile messaging app, Messenger: Secret Conversations. My phone is showing all incoming call call user busy but i can make out going call i have reset the phone but same problem? When his phone is turn of or ehen hi is talking with onother person. You have three options for muting the conversation’s notifications: You can mute it for 1 hour, until 8:00 a.m., or until you turn it back on. All of these options perform completely different actions. Tried to call through fb messenger, said user in call. If a person is busy on a call on fb messenger, will it show busy to a user who is trying to call that person on fb messenger?

If i call a person on fb messenger who is talking to someone else on another messenger call..will it show me busy or will it just ring normally even if the user is busy on another call? Which if you could somehow bypass it, the new problem would be you can ONLY see webcam when the webcam is ALREADY on at yahoo (so the user sees the webcam on). So i try to make a call from the facebook voice call to my boyfriend ( I see him green). How to make cell phone busy without making any call? Does `user busy` mean that the user has set his/her mobile phone to reject or that person is simply cutting the calls every time s/he receives a call? Im trying to call my friend on facebook messanger but it keeps saying there on another call whyI keep trying to call my friend on skype and it just rings for a long time then a message “call ended-busy” shows up?

The update allows users to unsend a message up to 10 minutes after sending that message, for both individual and group chats. If a room is locked, no one else can join, except a Group admin for rooms created through a Group. I just had a friend call me and they received the notification “user is on another call” (or whatever notification it gives the person) to my friend when in fact I actually wasn`t using my phone at all (I was in another room). Whenever i try to call a tv show in london from australia my phone gives me the busy signal how can i be chosen for the first call? If i`m trying to call a television show in london from australia but the phone lines are always busy, how can i be chosen in the first call? When i try to call my friend his phone says the person u r trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time or a fast busy signal?

This is basically a video conferencing functionality that lets you add up to 50 people to converse with at the same time! can you tell who someone is talking to on messenger? Skype has been around for a long time, and while its desktop app is pretty weak, the mobile version is solid and it supports big groups with no real time limit (four hours per call, 100 hours per month), for free. The app is currently working on the encryption part of the error checking, among other things, to ensure no information will be leaked if it’s intercepted by a third party. Just 29% of employees working for CX leaders cited workflow issues vs. Like other brands, Facebook lets you access and delete this data from their servers. Besides, no matter you are a Windows user or a Mac user, it can do the phone data recovery job for you because it has both versions. What does it mean when a prepaid cell phone beeps like its busy when you call it? Talking to someone else just like he is on another line. Facebook call is saying person is on another callWhat does it mean when you try to call someone with video call on skype and it gives a busy signal but the person`s status says online?